VMCC First Timer Program

First Things First

Never raced before? Wondering where to start, what to do and how to get involved? We’ve got your back! The information below and on our other ‘Getting Started in Racing’ pages should give you the head start you need.

If you still have questions after you’ve read through our pages please feel free to give us a shout by email or come and find us us on Facebook. We want to support you in your journey into racing.

Getting Started

First of all, leave yourself plenty of time to get set up for racing, it would be a shame to be in a rush, run out of time, and miss your first event.

Step one is to join a club. Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) is the governing body for motorcycle racing in New Zealand and it is a requirement of theirs that you are a current financial member of an affiliated racing club to be able to race.

If you are already a member of another club please consider joining Victoria Motorcycle club. It will give you access to all our communications and a discount on your race entry and other event fees.

Once you are a club member then you must apply for an MNZ ‘Club’ race licence.

Here are some useful Motorcycling New Zealand links to help you get this done:

  1. MNZ website
  2. MNZ licencing page
  3. MNZ ‘Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport’ page
  4. MNZ ‘Manual of Motorcycle Sport’ (MoMs) (all New Zealand road racing rules and regulations)

Note: As this will be your first time applying for a club race licence you will be required to fill in a questionnaire which will reference the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMs). Take the time to read through the MoMs, it’s the bible of racing.

Note: The “CLASS & RACING NUMBER REQUEST” section on the MNZ club race licence application form suggests that you require an allocated race number for the classes you wish to race in.  This is for national level racing and can be ignored if you are only planning on club racing for now.

Getting Your Bike Ready to Race

MNZ has all the general rules and regulations (the MoMs) posted on their website. Chapter 10 covers the minimum requirements. Your bike will need to meet these rules, additional rules from other class related MoMs chapters, and the rules in the club’s supplementary regulations.

If in doubt or you don’t quite understand – ask the club early; we are happy to help. Don’t turn up on Race day with a bike that may not pass bike-check (otherwise you will be disappointed).

Entering an Event

VMCC requires entries to be completed 10 days before a race meeting. This provides the club with all the required information on riders and numbers enabling the club committee to set up timing, programmes and operate easily. The club will accept late entries but a late entry fee will apply. Please if you have not already discussed with the club regarding getting started in racing, note on the entry form that this is your first race meeting.

Things You Will Need on Your First Day

    • Ride Gear
        • Full one piece leathers. These must be in good condition – no tears/holes
        • Leather gloves
        • Solid boots
        • Full Face helmet with good unscratched visor
        • Back protector
        • Chest protector
    • Pit setup
        • 2KG fire extinguisher is a MUST.
        • Tools, spares, power cords if you run tire warmers, multi plug,
          tire pressure gauge and pump.
        • Basic maintenance gear for your machine i.e. if you have a 2 stroke take spare spark plugs etc.
      • Rags and cleaning products, if you have to work on your machine is best to have a way to clean your hands before you ruin you gloves by putting greasy hands into them.
    • Your visor may also get very dirty so bring visor cleaner gear.
      If you have tinted and clear visors bring both!
  • Other setup
    There is a lot of waiting around so camping chairs are a good idea,

Food that is easily nibbled on is great, as it is hard to down a heavy pie or meal during race day.

Most racers eat and drink very little during the day which is not ideal. If you have friends coming to watch it is really handy if they bring you lunch at around 12pm, then they can hang around until your next race…..it is really hard to work out when during the day you will be out on track.

Liquids, take water and a form of electrolytes such as PowerAde etc.