Entrants – 22nd April 2023

22nd April 2023 Training Day Submitted Online Entries

If you want to find out who’s entered this training day you’ve come to the right place.  Also check out what’s involved in our training days.

Each group is limited to 30 riders.  A group may be combined with another group if there are fewer than 10 entrants.


Entry fees paid by bank transfer are not considered confirmed until payment has been received.  Your entry appearing here is not a confirmation that your place is secured if we have not yet received your payment.

Only entries submitted online will appear here.

Group 1

Race licence holders only
Our fastest Senior Trophy (1000/750/675/600cc etc.) class race machines and riders capable of maintaining a minimum dry lap time of approximately 1 minute 16 seconds.

Group 2

Our slower Senior Trophy (1000/750/675/600cc etc.) class race machines and riders, and fast road riders with prior track riding experience.

Group 3

Race licence holders only
Our Intermediate and Junior class race machines and riders.

Group 4

Medium and novice road riders, with or without prior track riding experience.  This group is led by a lead rider at approximately 160-180km/h, which will be reviewed as the day progresses.  Passing is allowed on the straights and on the outside of corners only, maintaining at least two metres clearance at all times.  There will be no passing of the lead rider who will be wearing a fluorescent vest.