Race Series Format

Race Series Format

Entry Form Format

Entrant Details


      • Vic Club logo and MNZ Logo
      • Permit number(s)
      • Dates of round(s)
      • Enter more than one round per entry form???

Vic Club Membership

      • Encourage competitor to become a Vic Club member if they aren’t already:
          • If you are not a current Vic Club member please consider becoming one to collect the discounted price on this and any other entries you make in the next 12 months. Memberships will be checked on race day at sign-on.
      • If the are a Vic Club member remind them to check that their membership doesn’t expire before race day (or days if the entry form can cover more than one round):
          • If your membership will expire before the event date(s) please consider renewing it now.  This would add a full 12 month membership on to the time you have left on your current membership, and mean you don’t need to remember to renew closer to the time.
  • Disclaimer of Liability

    • https://vicclub.co.nz/disclaimer-of-liability/

Vic Club Mailing List

Notify me about future Vic Club activities and events.

  • Competitor Contact Details

      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Phone
      • Email
      • City
      • Sponsors

Emergency Contact Details

      • Emergency Name
      • Emergency Phone
      • Relationship to you

Trophy Championship Entry

Rounds to Enter?

      • One, two, three.
      • Only those remaining.

Championships to Enter

      • Reminder to check the Class Regulations for details.
      • Reminder that if a competitor chooses to enter more than one Trophy Championship it is their responsibility alone to ensure they have enough pit crew support to participate if those Trophy Championships run back-to-back on the day of the event. Races can not be delayed to accommodate competitors entering back-to-back Trophy Championships.
      • Trophy Championship
          • One or more Championship Cup(s) to enter based on eligible classes
          • Bike Race Number
          • Bike Make
          • Bike Model
          • Bike Capacity
          • Bike Year

Licencing & Transponders

      • Purchase a one event race licence?
          • Yes – $40.
          • No – Collect competitor’s MNZ Licence Number.
      • Hire a transponder?
          • Yes – $15 (flat fee irrespective of how many machines they’ve entered).
          • Yes – Free (any competitor aged 18 years or younger, or student).
          • No – Collect competitor’s own Transponder Number.


      • Entries received less than 5 days before the event incur a $40 late entry fee.
      • Entries are accepted on a first-come first-served basis,  based on when the entry was paid.
      • We don’t accept cash payment on the day for pre-entries.
      • If we don’t receive payment before the day your place may be given away.

Entry Fees

    1. Fees apply to a Trophy Championship overall, not each constituent championship Cup.
    2. If a competitor has additional bikes that are eligible for other championship Cups in other Trophy Championships, they may enter into them with those bikes at no extra cost.
        1. Note: VMCC Clubmans Junior Cup competitors may not enter into any other Classes, championship Cups, or Trophy Championships.
    3. Non-VMCC Member price – $210.
    4. VMCC Member price:
      1. 18 years or under – $110 – Valid ID required at sign-on.
      2. Student – $110 – Valid student card required at sign-on.
      3. Over 18 years – $180.
    5. Entries received less than 5 days before the event incur a $40 late entry fee.
    6. One event race licence fee if applicable – $40.
    7. Transponder hire (one per machine entered) – $15 each.

Transponder Hire

    1. Free transponder hire for any competitor aged 18 years or younger – Valid ID required at sign-on.
    2. Free transponder hire for any student competitor – Valid student card required at sign-on.
    3. One transponder required per machine entered but we charge only one flat hire fee, not a hire fee per transponder.

Race Format

    1. Entries are limited to 40 machines per Trophy Championship.
    2. Competitors should enter all championship Cups within a Trophy Championship that their machine(s) are eligible for.

1 qualifying session, 6 races for Trophy Championship.

Please read the Class Regulations that describe in detail what machines can be entered into which race Classes’, championship Cups’, and ‘Trophy Championships’. They

They should be read in conjunction with the Supplementary Regulations which, along with the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (road), are the regulations under which the VMCC TSS Motorcycles Road Race Series will be run.

On race day, the track will be open at 7am, sign-on will be available from 7:30am, rider’s briefing will aim to begin at 8:30am sharp, and we will endeavour to begin the first qualifying session at 9:00am sharp.

The order in which we run classes may change from round to round, and will be published in the race programme that will be available on the day