Race Series Summary

2019 VMCC TSS Motorcycles Road Race Series

Welcome to the home of the VMCC TSS Motorcycles Road Race Series.

Read on to discover more about the best value road racing race series in New Zealand.

Race Format Summary

All competitors must enter a machine in either the Junior Trophy, Senior Trophy, Intermediate Trophy, or Super Motard Trophy Class first.

If you enter the Senior, Intermediate, or Super Motard Trophy class and you have additional bikes that are eligible for the other Trophy classes, you may enter into those Trophy classes with those bikes for free. You may also then enter into the Senior and/or Intermediate ‘Sprint Cup’ classes.

Note: Junior Trophy entrants can not cross-enter into the other Trophy classes for free, and Junior Trophy bikes are not eligible to enter the Sprint Cup classes.

The class outline diagram below should help make the format clear:

Before you complete an entry form please take a few moments to check out the Class Regulations that describe in detail which machines are eligible for which classes.

Please also check out the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (road) and VMCC Supplementary Regulations under which the race series will be run.