i-Tools Trophy Supplementary Regulations

These are the Supplementary Regulations which, along with the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (road), are the regulations under which the i-Tools Trophy will be run.

Please familiarise yourself with all regulations before you complete a race reries entry form.

Please also take a few moments to make sure you understand the Class Regulations that describe which machines are eligible for which classes.

The meeting will be conducted under the Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (please ensure you have read and understood this manual) and the following Supplementary Regulations:


  1. Entries will open exclusively to Victoria Motorcycle Club Inc. members for the first two weeks.
  2. Classes will include: Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 300.  Refer to the Class Regulations.
  3. Classes will be organised into two separate grids:  Senior (Formula 1 and Formula 2 ) and Intermediate (Formula 3 and Formula 300).
  4. Competitors may enter a single class from either or both grids.
  5. There will be a maximum of 38 riders per grid, allocated on a first come first served basis,  determined by when the entry fee is received.
  6. Any entry paid within 5 days of the event may incur a $40 late payment fee.

Machine Specifications

  1. Machine examination will be conducted by the Victoria Motorcycle Club Inc. appointed Machine Examiners who will examine all machines competing in the event prior to event commencement.
  2. Machine Examination will take place in the “Scrutineering Garage” between the hours of 04:00 pm and 05:30 pm Friday 28th January and 07:00 am to 08:30 am Saturday 29th January only.
  3. Successfully passed machines will be given a sticker that must be displayed and visible on the dummy grid.  Machines not displaying this sticker will not be permitted on to the track for practice or race. Competitors machines may also be inspected at random during the day.
  4. Machines that are found to be in breach of any applicable Victoria Motorcycle Club Inc. or Motorcycling New Zealand inc. rules or are deemed to be unsafe will be immediately excluded from the meeting.
  5. All machines that crash once they have entered the circuit, at any time, and are able to be returned to the pit area must be delivered to the Machine Examiners for re-examination prior to re-entering the circuit.
  6. Further to Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 10.5 any machine fitted with an internal “cartridge” type oil filter is to have its oil filter cover / housing secured with stiff-nut type locking nuts, where bolts are employed to secure this cover they are to be mechanically retained with lock wire. All spin-on type filters are to be secured by lockwire via a hose clamp or lockwire holes if manufactured with them.
  7. Any competing machines oil filler cap and/or plug is to be mechanically retained with a suitably approved locking wire to an immoveable chassis or engine component.
  8. All competing machines must have a clearly visible Race Number(s) in accordance with the requirements of your specific class as outlined in the Class Regulations.
  9. Points will not be accrued for any rider that fails to attach their transponder.
  10. The engines of competitors’ machines must not be started until after the completion of riders briefing.

Riding Gear

  1. All riding equipment and safety gear must be in good condition and be in line with Manual of Motorcycle Sport chapter 8.
  2. Helmet details must be entered into the competitor’s Motorcycling New Zealand inc. log book.
  3. Back and chest protectors are mandatory.
  4. Examination will be conducted by the Motorcycling New Zealand steward(s) or their nominated officials on request or while on the dummy grid.
  5. At least one fire extinguisher (minimum 1kg) is required to be located within each pit, but ideally one per machine.


  1. Initial starting grid positions will be determined by rider qualifying times. The starting grids will be posted in the office at the conclusion of the qualifying session(s).
  2. Where two classes are racing together, classes will be arranged in one grid according to the time obtained during qualifying.
  3. Dry qualifying times:  Senior grid qualifying times must be below 1 minute 45 seconds. Intermediate grid qualifying times must be below 1 minute 52 seconds.
  4. Wet qualifying times: All qualifying times must be at or below 120% of the fastest qualifying time for the relevant starting grid.
  5. Failure to meet qualifying time requirements may result in a rider being excluded from racing, at the discretion of the Clerk of Course / Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Steward.

Race Format

  1. All racers for all grids/classes will be 7 laps.
  2. Day one of the event will consist of a qualifying session and three races for each grid.
  3. Day two of the event will consist of four races for each grid.
  4. The even format may change during the event if circumstances dictate.
  5. The top three finishers (irrespective of class entered) in each race will start the following race from the back of the grid.
    1. Their grid positions in the following race will remain vacant.
    2. Every other rider’s grid position will remain unchanged.
    3. If the three riders do not make it back into the top three in the following race, they must return to their original grid position in the race after that.
  6. You MUST re-confirm and note your original/changed grid position prior to each race starting and grid up accordingly. Any rider that grids up in an incorrect position may be excluded or relegated from that race, or the event overall.
  7. Bonus points will be awarded to the first three finishers in each race as follows:
    1. First place: 6 points.
    2. Second place: 4 points.
    3. Third place: 2 points.
  8. Trophies will be awarded for 1st 2nd 3rd overall finishers at the end of the event in each class.

Race Operation

  1. A rider’s briefing will be held at 8am on each day of the event. All competitors must be present at the rider’s briefing in-person.
  2. Any rider found to be absent or late will be disqualified from the entire event.
  3. A 5 minute and 2 minute call will be made over the loudspeaker before pit lane entry opens.
  4. All competitors are to be on the dummy grid prior to the pit lane  entry opening, and when instructed by race control.
  5. When pit lane entry opens the dummy grid will be released onto the circuit. Pit lane entry will be open for 30 seconds only, after which pit lane entry will be closed.
  6. If a competitor misses the 30 second pit lane entry window will start the race from pit lane, at the sole discretion of the Clerk of Course.
  7. Competitors must form up on the grid as quickly as possible.  Any rider that is deemed by the Steward or Clerk of Course to have delayed the starting of a race may be excluded or relegated.
  8. Races will be started by lights, with the provision for flag start if required on the day. The procedure for race starts will be covered in the riders briefing. If a flag start is required:
    1. A red flag will be held by the starter at the side of track, once the red flag has come in riders will be under the starter’s orders.  The starter will then drop a green flag to start the race.
  9. If the start of a race needs to be aborted, the red flag will be waved.  You are to complete a lap of the circuit at a slow pace and form up in pit lane to await further instruction.
  10. The track lights may be used as well as flags at designated flag points.
  11. Any machine that crashes will have the bike check sticker removed. For the definition of a crash refer to Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 14.1.d.
  12. Noise emission: the noise limit at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park is 95 db. This will be independently monitored during the course of the meeting. Any machines found to be above this limit may be excluded from the meeting. Refer to Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 10.8.
  13. White flag will be shown after the allotted race duration is completed. The white flag will signal the start of the final lap. The chequered flag will signal the end of the race. Riders must hold race pace until turn one then reduce to a touring speed and complete a cool-down lap, then enter pit lane.
  14. Final event results will be collated, reviewed and posted (time-stamped) in the office.
  15. Posting of the final results will signal the end of each race.
  16. The 30 minute protest window will open as of the time of posting the final result.
    1. Any protests will be considered in accordance with Manual of Motorcycle Sport Chapter 7.
    2. Matters pertaining to the “SPIRIT of the EVENT” will be decided by the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. protest committee (Club Official / Committee member, Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Steward and Elected Rider’s Representative).
    3. If it is agreed that a rider has conducted themselves outside the “Spirit of the Event” as covered by these supplementary rules the rider may be excluded from the results.
    4. All protest decisions will be made prior to prize giving on the second day of the event and will be final and not disputed.
  17. All competing riders are to be well versed with and completely understand the Manual of Motorcycle Sport rules 14.3a and 14,3b regarding jump start penalties.


  1. Riders are responsible for the behaviour of non-members/guests that they bring to Motorcycling New Zealand inc. events or other activities. This includes family, friends, pit crew and other supporters. They must ensure that their guests comply with the minimum standards of behaviour set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 5.10). The rider responsible for any person whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Steward will be immediately excluded from the event, with no option for protest or recourse.
  2. No Open toe footwear to be worn in pitlane or within the boundary of the track.
  3. No alcohol, drugs (Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 6.29), or dogs in pits or within the boundary of the track.
  4. Smoking is permitted within designated areas, no smoking, is allowed within the pits.
  5. Victoria Motorcycle Club supports Motorcycling New Zealand inc. ’s zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol in sport. Please be aware of Manual of Motorcycle Sport rule 6.29.  Alcohol and/or drug testing may occur at Victoria Motorcycle Club Inc. events. Anyone found to have a not negative result when tested will be banned from entering any further Victoria Motorcycle Club Inc. events, this is in addition to penalties imposed by Motorcycling New Zealand inc.