David Chappell Cup

The David Chappell Cup is a trophy which will be awarded at the competition of each VMCC Winter Series. It is named after the late David Chappell. It will be introduced at Round 1 of the Actrix VMCC 2010 season.

The Chappell Cup will be for the competitors that achieve great results when cross entering 2 classes, competing in two separate fields on a single machine.
The aim of this award is to increase the experience and overall riding skill level of competitors within the club.
Those who compete in two classes for a whole series will learn and improve their riding capabilities far quicker than those who do not. Which in turn will mean that the club produces a greater quality of riders, that will get noticed when they compete at national level. Key word of this statement is “compete.”

Award requirements:

To meet the trophies requirements, a rider must achieve a placing of equal to, or better than, 3rd overall in the series, in 2 separate fields and classes, on one machine.
Note: The classes that the competitor competes in, must meet all VMCC and MNZ requirements of being a substantive class – i.e. more than 6 entries per round in each of those classes. Also the competitor’s machine must meet all VMCC and MNZ requirements for it to be eligible to compete in each class.
Classes that are run simultaneously will not be included, such as Post classics JNR and SNR. If a Post classics JNR rider won PC JNR and PC SNR I believe he or she does deserve great recognition for it, but it will remove the separation between those two classes, thus removing the requirement to separate the competitors within a race. All other classes are open for contention, F2 and F1, post classics and any other class, etc.