Training Day Entry Form – 27th March 2021

Online entries to this training day are now closed, however you can still email us at before the weekend to check whether there are still spaces available.  You can also enter on the day as long as your chosen group is not full.  If it is full you’ll go on standby in case someone moves up or down a class and pay at that time.

Each group is limited to 30 riders.  A group may be combined with another group if there are fewer than 10 entrants.

Slightly different in concept to a general ‘track day’, our training days are geared to helping our club racers focus on developing their own specific skill areas, and for road riders to hone their road handling skills and learn something about themselves and their bikes in the safest possible environment.

All riders of all descriptions are welcome, however because we are an MNZ affiliated club you are required to fill out a day-licence form at rider sign-on if you do not have an MNZ race licence.  Please come to rider sign-on as early as possible to help us do this quickly and avoid delaying the day.