Track Days – An Overview

Come and Play at a Track Day

The club runs a number of track days each year catering for every level of motorcycle experience, from road rider to racer. Our track days are fun friendly and inclusive events where everybody is welcome and equal no matter what type of bike or rider experience you currently have.

The track is nothing more than a big wide road without oncoming traffic or street furniture, and the intention is to provide a safe environment in which you can hone your riding skills and learn something about yourself and your bike.

We’ll be listing our track days on our events page so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on our Facebook page so you don’t miss out, then sign up and bring your family and friends for an exciting day out at the track!

All riders of all descriptions are welcome, however because we are an MNZ affiliated club you are required to fill out a day licence form at rider sign-on if you do not have an MNZ race licence.  Please come to rider sign-on as early as possible to help us do this quickly.

Track Day Format

Gates open: 7:15

Rider sign-on: from 7:30

Briefing: 8:30ish

First session: 9:00

We run a number of different rider groups, which may vary depending on the time of year and a track day’s proximity to major race events. We usually run a mixture of the following groups:

  1. Race (race prepared bikes and race licence holders only)
  2. Junior Race (race prepared bikes and race licence holders only)
  3. Fast Road
  4. Medium Road
  5. Novice Road

Ordinarily bikes entering the Race group must be able to maintain a minimum dry lap time of 1 minute 24 seconds.  Occasionally however, when a major New Zealand racing event is approaching we will run track day groups geared more towards racers than road riders and we also run the Junior Race group.  In these circumstances the Junior Race group must be able to maintain a minimum dry lap time of 1 minute 24 seconds, and the Race group must be able to maintain a minimum dry lap time of 1 minute 14 seconds.

We keep cycling through the groups throughout the day with a 30-45 minute Lunch break around 12:30/1:00pm and usually finish around 4:30pm.

Track days are held on the 3.03km track.

Safety First

We want you to have as much fun as it is possible to have on a motorbike whist you’re with us at the track, but we also want that to carry on afterwards too, so safety comes first!  Some basic pointers:

  1. All riders and pillions must complete registration and safety checks.
  2. Because we are an MNZ affiliated club you are required to fill out a day licence form at rider sign-on if you do not have an MNZ race licence.  Please come to rider sign-on as early as possible to help us do this quickly.
  3. All bikes will be safety checked for mechanical fitness. Bikes that are damaged or breakdown on the track must be re-checked before they can be returned to the track.
  4. Riding gear (helmet, clothing, boots and gloves) must be to an approved standard (we prefer 1 piece armoured leathers and back protectors but zip together armoured leathers will be accepted). Slower groups MAY be able to use some types of textile riding gear.
  5. The decisions of our Safety Checkers on mechanical fitness and suitability of riding gear is absolute and final.
  6. Lights, indicators and mirrors must be taped over or removed prior to machine check.
  7. In order to keep your attention focussed on what is happening ahead of you it is also a good idea to cover your speedo.
  8. Make sure you keep refreshed and hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and remember to eat to keep your energy levels up – frequent snacks work best.

It is a good idea to check over your bike carefully in the days before you come to the track; brake pads, oil filters, tyres etc. If you’re not sure about checking your bike over take it to a bike shop and tell them what you’re doing and get them to check it for you. It should only take them 15 mins.

Pillions are allowed in the Novice and Medium groups only. Sharing a bike is allowed. Cameras attached to the bike are allowed, but NOT to the helmet.

The group you have entered into is just the start point. If you find during the day that you’re in the wrong group please come and see us, we would like to see you move – assuming there is room in the next group.

VMCC Trackday Briefing

There will be a briefing in the morning explaining how the day will be run.  You must be at this briefing.  If you arrive late in the day you must come and see us to sign in and receive a briefing.

A typical Track Day Briefing

This briefing outline is not necessarily the one you will hear at a track day, but is representative of the content:

General Information

Fluoro vested Marshals – they will help with any questions you have.

This is a track day – THIS IS NOT A RACE MEETING. We are here to have fun and build some skills.

We will be holding out a stationary yellow flags on this first lap of each group. This is a chance to find where the flag points are. Do this as your safety depends on it.

Five groups. Select appropriate group for ability. We will let people change if they have a change of mind but talk to us first. We will shift people into another group if we think they are in the wrong group.

Novice and Medium groups will be led by a lead rider. Novice at approximately 100-120km/h, Medium at approximately 160-180km/h. This may be reviewed as the day progresses. Passing is allowed on the straights only. For the Medium group, passing is allowed on the straights and on the outside of corners. There will be no “stuffing it up the inside” accepted, in these groups especially. There will be no passing of the lead rider who will be wearing a fluorescent vest.

Pass safely. For riders being passed, maintain your lines and try to be as predictable as possible. It is the responsibility of the rider doing the passing, to do so safely.

Dangerous riding will not be tolerated and offenders will be sent home. There will be no appeal.

At any time that you are planning to slow down or exit the track in a planned manner, indicate by raising an arm or sticking a leg out. Riders please look for these signals.

In the event of an accident, if you are not involved DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK. We will dispatch the ambulance if required when the track is safe. Stopping on the track dramatically increases the risk for all.

Group order is Race, Fast, Medium, Novice. We will be attempting to cycle through the groups at 15 minute intervals so you will have around 12 minutes on track. There will be no cycling from one group into the next. We will start the day with a brief “look-see” of the circuit session, mainly for first timers here.

Sessions will be noted on the whiteboard and called up on the PA. Form up on the dummy grid. Enter the track when gate is opened.


Yellow and Red flags will be used on Start/Finish, Turn 3/Splash, Hairpin and Dunlop. Checkered flag and Black flag will be used on the start/finish line. Yellow flag indicates there may have been an incident ahead, proceed with caution and no passing. When yellows are no longer being waved, proceed as usual.

Red flag indicates that the session has been ended early, probably due to a serious incident. Slow immediately to a moderate speed. Hold an arm in the air to signal those behind if you can. Complete the circuit of the track and re-enter via pit lane. Your session will be over unless otherwise indicated.

The Checkered flag indicates the end of the session. Complete the circuit and exit the track via pit lane. Do not speed down pit lane.

A Black flag on the start finish line means that your bike may have a problem. We will be pointing at someone while waving this flag. If it looks like We are pointing at you, circulate at a more moderate speed and exit via pit lane. Be smart about this.
If anyone has a problem with their bike that makes it unsafe to complete a circuit, pull off the track as safely as you can, park the bike off the track safely and get behind a safety barrier. We will pick you up when the session has ended.


Travel in the correct direction on the designated track only.

Do not cross the track at any time during a session.

Track condition or issues?

We will endeavour to get through as many sessions as we can today. We will have a lunch break of approx haIf hour. The track closes at 4.30 today so there will be plenty of track-time. Stay hydrated, look out for each other and the flags.

There are experienced riders here who are happy to provide some one on one instruction and advice. Please feel free to approach them.