BEARs Supplementary Regulations

These are the Supplementary Regulations which, along with the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (road), are the regulations under which the BEARs Central Thunder racing series will be run.

Please also take a few moments to make sure you understand the Class Regulations that describe in detail which machines are eligible for which classes, and to familiarise yourself with the disclaimer of liability.

Please familiarise yourself with all regulations before you complete an online entry form.

The meeting will be conducted under the Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (please ensure you have read and understood this manual) and the following Supplementary Regulations:

  1. Motorcycles/Sidecars must be of British, European, or American design with an engine and chassis of non-Asian design or manufacture. MACHINE ELIGIBILITY for any class is at the discretion of the race committee. Ensure your machine complies with class rules.
  2. Motorcycling New Zealand Inc (MNZ) Club Licence is required to race (MNZ rule 5.2e). One Event Licences for the weekend will be available. You must also be a paid up member of an MNZ affiliated club to enter (MNZ rule 5.2a). We will have VMCC memberships forms available on Saturday.
  3. ALCOHOL FUEL. BEARS 4 stroke machines may use alcohol fuel. Any machine using Alcohol fuel must display “Dangerous Goods” or other appropriate stickers which clearly indicate its use, on the machine in a prominent place and on storage containers (MNZ rule 10.21b).
  4. All riders must have a Fire extinguisher 1kg (minimum weight) available in their pit area 1 per rider (MNZ rule 6.17).
  5. Riding Gear – Leathers (1 piece), helmets, boots, gloves and back protectors and Chest protectors are compulsory as per (MNZ chapter 8).
  6. The onus is on the riders to familiarise themselves with the regulations of MNZ concerning machine preparation and safety equipment. If in doubt contact any MNZ affiliated club or your local Regional Co-ordinator.
  7. Riders are responsible for the behaviour of non-members/guests that they bring to MNZ events or other activities. This includes family, friends, pit crew and other supporters. They must ensure that their guests comply with the minimum standards of behaviour set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MNZ rule 5.10).
  8. No smoking, alcohol, drugs (MNZ rule 6.29) or dogs in pits or within the boundary of the track.
  9. On race day machine inspection will not begin until the air fence has been fully erected at the start of the front straight (Manfield).  Preference will be given to those riders who helped set up the air fence.
  10. Machine Inspection (MNZ rule 10.1). After you have signed in on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning, please bring your bike to the Machine Inspection shed with your race licence and helmet.
  11. As per MNZ rule 14.1d All machines that crash during practice, qualifying or racing cannot continue that session If For the purposes of this rule “Crash“ is defined as: “When a rider and machine become separated and or the machine has stopped moving and has any parts other than it’s tyres in contact with the circuit, ground or crash barriers and these parts are supporting the machine”The bike MUST be Machine checked again by the appointed Machine examiner before it can go back out to race.
  12. Attendance at the Riders briefing (MNZ rule 6.1) on Saturday and Sunday is compulsory for all riders.
  13. There will be one round of points races on Saturday after an official practice/qualifying and two rounds of point races on Sunday.
  14. Grid positions will be determined by your Qualifying times from Saturday and will remain the same throughout the weekend. You must line up on the start line in the correct grid position, failure to do so may result in relegation or exclusion by the Steward. There will not be support staff on the track ushering you into the correct position.
  15. All riders must have enough fuel to complete any practice, qualifying or race they start in, including allowance for any restarts that may occur, penalty for running out of fuel during any race, first offence will be an instant fine of not less than $400 the rider will also be excluded from the rest of meeting. (MNZ rule 14.1c).
  16. Exiting the pits will be via the dummy grid only (not via garages on pit lane).  All riders exiting from the pits area are under the control of VMCC officials & must at all times follow their direction(s).
  17. Calls of approximately 5-minute and 2-minute call will be made over the loudspeaker before pit lane entry gate opens. Pit lane entry will be open for 30 seconds only.
  18. If a competitor misses the start of the warm-up lap said competitor will start the race from the pit lane controlled by Flag Point 1 at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.
  19. Competitors must form up on the grid as quickly as possible.  Any rider that is deemed by the Steward or Clerk of Course to have delayed the starting of a race will be excluded or relegated.
  20. Races will be started by Lights, with the provision for flag start if required on the day.
    1. Lights procedure:
      1. A red flag will be displayed at the start/finish line whilst you line up on the grid, you are deemed to be under the starters control at the instant this red flag reaches the side of the track.
      2. All red lights will come on and be displayed for between 1 and 5 seconds after which all lights will be switched off.
      3. When the lights are switched off, you may start your race.
      4. If the start needs to be aborted the lights will flash with yellow and a red flag will be waved. If this occurs you are to complete a lap of the circuit at a slow pace and form up in pit lane to await further instruction.
      5. If you experience issues whilst preparing to start, raise your hand so that the start may be delayed.
    2. If flag start is required:
      1. A red flag will be held by the starter at the side of track, once the red flag has come in riders will be under the starters orders.  The starter will then drop the green flag to start the race.
  21. If the start of a race needs to be aborted, the red flag will be waved.  You are to complete a lap of the circuit at a slow pace and form up in pit lane to await further instruction.
  22. The track lights may be used as well as flags at designated flag points.
  23. Noise Emission Road Racing the limit is 90dBA (as per Manfeilds Terms of hire). There will be checks carried out during the event.
  24. No race engines to be run prior to 8.00am (as per Manfeilds Terms of hire 17.2.3). On track time will run from 9.00am – 4.30pm (as per Manfeilds Terms of hire).
  25. This event will have prize money for the classes that have sponsors and more than 6 riders in that class. The Prize money amounts will be :
    • 1st Place $200
    • 2nd Place $150
    • 3rd Place $100
    • 4th Place $50
    • 5th Place $30