Supplementary Regulations

These are the Supplementary Regulations which, along with the Motorcycling New Zealand inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (road), are the regulations under which the VMCC Bridgestone Motorcycle Racing Series will be run.

Please familiarise yourself with all regulations before you complete a Race Series entry form.

Please also take a few moments to make sure you understand the Race Series Format and check out the Class Regulations that describe in detail which machines are eligible for which classes.

The meeting will be conducted under the Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport (please ensure you have read and understood this manual) and the following Supplementary Regulations:

  1. Classes will include: Senior Trophy, Intermediate Trophy, Junior Trophy, Pre89 Post Classic Trophy, F1, F2, F3, BEARS F1 & F2, Thunderbike Senior, Thunderbike Intermediate. Refer to the Class Regulations.
  2. The engines of competitors’ machines must not be started until after the completion of riders briefing.
  3. All classes will face possible consolidation if minimum number of 6 entries are not met.  Those racing in these consolidated classes will not accrue points. Trophies will not be presented for classes that have less than the minimum requirement of 6 entries per round.
  4. There will be a maximum of 40 riders per grid for Junior classes and a maximum of 34 riders per grid for all other classes.   First in first served,  based on when your entry was received.
  5. All competitors must enter either Senior, Intermediate, Post Classic or Junior Trophy first. Once that is entered then you can cross enter into a Sprint Cup Class on the same or another machine.
  6. VMCC Clubman Junior riders may not cross enter into other classes.
  7. Points will not be accrued for any rider that fails to attach their transponder.
  8. All entries paid within 5 days of event will incur a $40 late payment fee.
  9. On race day machine inspection will not begin until the air fence has been fully erected at the start of the front straight.  Preference will be given to those riders who helped set up the air fence.
  10. Bike check will be conducted by the VMCC appointed machine examiners who will examine all machines prior to Riders’ Briefing. Successfully passed machines will be given a sticker that must be displayed and visible on the dummy grid.  Machines not displaying this sticker will not be permitted on to the track for practice or race.  Competitors machines can also be inspected at random during the day.
  11. Machines that are found to be in breach of any applicable VMCC or MNZ rules or are deemed to be unsafe will be instantly excluded from the meeting.
  12. Further to MNZ rule 10.13 any machine fitted with an internal “cartridge” type oil filter is to have its oil filter cover / housing secured with stiff-nut type locking nuts, where bolts are employed to secure this cover they are to be mechanically retained with lock wire. All spin-on type filters are to be secured by lockwire via a hose clamp or lockwire holes if manufactured with them.
  13. All competing machines must have a clearly visible Race Number(s) in accordance with the requirements of your specific class as outlined in the VMCC class rules.
  14. Riding gear: Examination will be conducted by the Motorcycling New Zealand steward(s) or their nominated officials on request or while on the dummy grid.  Leathers to be one piece, or if 2 piece, must zip together at least 75% around waist.   All riding equipment must be in good condition and follow MNZ rule 8.1.b or 8.1.c for SuperMotard.
  15. Starting grids will be determined by the qualifying times. The starting grids will be posted in the office at the conclusion of the qualifying session(s).
  16. Where two or more classes are racing together, classes will be arranged in one grid according to the time obtained during qualifying.
  17. Qualification for the race will be within 115% of the fastest lap time set in qualifying. Failure to achieve this time may result in a rider being moved to a lower class at the discretion of the Clerk of Course / MNZ Steward.
  18. Exiting the pits will be via the dummy grid only (not via garages on pit lane).  All riders exiting from the pits are under the control of VMCC officials & must at all times follow their direction(s).
  19. A 5 minute and 2 minute call will be made over the loudspeaker before pit lane entry gate opens. Pit lane entry will be open for 30 seconds only.
  20. If a competitor misses the start of the warm-up lap said competitor will start the race from the pit lane controlled by Flag Point 1 at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.
  21. Competitors must form up on the grid as quickly as possible.  Any rider that is deemed by the Steward or Clerk of Course to have delayed the starting of a race will be excluded or relegated six places based on finished race order.
  22. The procedure for race starts will be covered in the riders briefing.
  23. Riders must ensure they start from the correct grid position.  Should you start from the wrong position you may be relegated six places based on the finished race order.
  24. The track lights may be used as well as flags at some flag points.
  25. Any machine that crashes will have the bike check sticker removed. For a definition of a crash refer to MNZ rule 14.1.d.
  26. Noise emission: the noise limit at Manfeild Motorsport Park is 95 db. This will be independently monitored during the course of the meeting. Any machines found to be above this limit may be excluded from the meeting. refer to MNZ rule 10.6d.
  27. End of practice sessions and races will be signaled with a checkered flag. Riders will complete a full lap of the circuit, signaling and exiting the track into pit lane. If any riders stops in the slip road then they must wait at the white line until they are cleared to cross the track by marshals at the start/finish line (via a waved green flag). Any rider not following this rule will be excluded from the meeting.
  28. Victoria Motorcycle Club supports MNZ’s zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol in sport. Please be aware of MNZ rule 6.29.  Alcohol and/or drug testing may occur at VMCC events.  Anyone found to have a not negative result when tested will be banned from entering any VMCC events, this is in addition to penalties imposed by MNZ.