Notice from President

To all members of the Victoria Motorcycle Club
This is a final call for committee nominations which will close at 5pm Sunday 6 March. The AGM will be held on Sunday 20 March at Tatum Park.
Below is information from the club constitution showing the responsibilities of each position.
The reality is, over the past 2 years the committee has been operating with less people than needed, the few involved have had to take on many roles to keep the club and events runnning.
There has been a lot of hard work put in to bring the club back from near financial ruin of just 2 years ago.
With over 200 members we hope that we can achieve a full committee of just 14 willing and dedicated people to keep the club moving forward.
Without the committed support of its members the Victoria Motorcycle Club will not be able to operate after 20 March 2016.
No committee = No Racing.
I urge you all to think hard about the club you belong to.
Is it time for you to give back to your club?
What support can you offer?
What commitment can you make to help keep the Victoria Motorcycle Club operating?

Dale Kempthorne