2008 Prizegiving

W Juggins 3rd, 4 Henshaw Signs MotoGP125 2008.jpgUntitled-19 copy.jpgTrophy nunmber No 2  for Christ Sales 2008.jpgTia and speach 2008.jpgSue Futter   AKA SKIP. Gets the President  2008 Award.jpgSloan Frost  1st,Place Trophy for TSS Motorcycles Super 2008.jpgShirley and Z Man & Members.jpgShirley McNabb Past Race Secretary 2007-2008.jpgSam Smith,1st Trophy,Motorad Derek Hill Supersport 2008 .jpgSam Love.jpgPeter Tanner.jpgPaul Buckley  Owen Brunton Superlite 2nd place Trophy 2008.jpgPaul Brigham with his 3rd place Trophy 2008.jpgPaul  Wootton,1st place Motomart PostClassics Senior Pre 89 2008.jpgPatrick Doohan 1st place Trophy Streetstock 150 2008.jpgNZBADD  Would you look at that! 2008.jpgMembers and Family and Supporters.jpgMembers 2008.jpgMel Jackson.  Clerk of the Course 2008.jpgMalcolm Nabbs 2nd place Trophy for VMCC Streetstock 2008.jpgLuke Jameson Dad AJ  & Moto Academy 2008.jpgJeff Whitehead 2nd place  Trophy Streestock  jnr 2008.jpgJarrod Wintle ,1st place Trophy Dannevirke Suzuki ProTwin 2008.jpgJames Mckay 2nd  Place Trophy Henshaw Signs MotoGP125 2008.jpgJaden Hassan 1st place Trophy for the  MotoGP125 2008.jpgGraeme Billington with the Grant Russell Memorial Trophy 2008.jpgGraeme  Billington 1st place Trophy Streetstock 250 2008.jpgGlen Williams 1st place Trophy Owen Brunton Superlite Codgyoleracer  2008 .jpgGeoffrey Booth 2nd place for  Protwin 2008.jpgGavin Veltmeyer  3rd  Place for  SuperMotard  2008.jpgDelBoy Glass Trophy 2008 with  Tia & Dee .jpgDean Bentley 3rd place Trophy 2008 for ProTwin.jpgDaniel Plaisted 2nd place Trophy   250 Streetstock.jpgClive Banks Deep in contemplation.jpgChris Sales receiving Trophy from Mel.jpgChris Sales   1st placeTrophy for SuperMotard 2008.jpgChet Greatorex  3rd  place Trophy for Motomart postClassic Jnr 2008.jpgCasey Bullock  2nd place Trophy for SuperMotard 2008.jpgBurglar of the day. Graeme Billington, Grant Russell Memorial & Highest scoring Vic Club member 2008.jpgBruce Williams Busted Rookie of the year 2008.jpgBrian Deadman Trophy for Motomart PostClassic Snr 2008.jpg